Services we offer include the following:


     Our Captains have decades worth of experience and spotless safety records.  We have the route planning, provisioning, navigating, and underway experience to make sure your vessel gets from point A to Point B in one piece. Safety is our number one priority and starts with a competent and professional Captain and crew, a thorough pre-departure inspection of the vessel and careful planning. That mindset continues throughout the duration of our voyage until your vessel is tied safely to the dock.

Additional Crew

     Sometimes a Captain needs additional crew in order to safely navigate an unfamiliar route or to have enough crew that everyone stays well rested between watches. We are happy to offer crew placement as one of our services. Our crew members are safety and efficiency minded and understand that a boat is a small place where people have to get along well together. We will be happy to help you find suitable crew for your journey no matter what your destination.

Sea Trials

     The sea trial is an important part of any yacht purchase. Often times problems that don’t appear at the dock during inspection or survey show up as soon as you hit the water. Engine problems, issues with the running rigging, and other many other things often become apparent when the vessel is taken out for a sea trial. We offer Captains for your sea trial and have been contracted by several brokerages in the past including Ensign Yachts and South Coast Yachts to assist potential owners with their sea trial needs.


     Honing your skills to suit your needs and goals is an important part of your yachting dream. It may even be required by your insurance company before you are allowed to take your boat out on your own. Weather it is basic skills like docking and sailing the bay or advanced skills like calculating fuel consumption and route planning for a cruise, we have you covered. We developed our own course for new owners that has been approved by several insurance companies to fulfill their basic training requirements. Let us help you get from novice to advanced skipper in short order.

Yacht Management

     Do you have a vessel in need of someone to contract, manage, and oversee maintenance? Our staff will be happy to help you make sure you are getting services on time, that the work is done right the first time, and that you pay a fair price. Our staff is well versed in meeting the needs of our customers. We can provide a wide range of managed services including interior and exterior cleaning, bottom cleaning service and zinc replacement, Isinglass, canvas and sail replacement and repairs. We can also provide mechanical, plumbing and electrical installation/repairs, and shipwright services for wood, metal and fiberglass boats. We are capable of managing large projects like complete refits.